NMR sample preparation

When submitting NMR samples to the facility, please avoid these common mistakes:

1.    Damage to the NMR tube: 
◦    The glass is chipped
◦    The glass is warped due to temperature stress (e.g. drying in the oven)
◦    The cap is old and brittle

2.    Foreign objects attached to the tube:
◦    Stickers
◦    Tape
◦    Parafilm

3.    Wrong solvent
◦    Use only deuterated solvent
◦    Use the solvent you indicated on the sample submission slip

4.    Wrong amount of solvent and/or material
◦    Filling height should be ideally 5 cm
◦    For small molecules, 1H NMR spectra ideally require 5-25 mg of material, 13C spectra require 50-100 mg of material
◦    If you have less material use a thin 3 mm tube
◦    If the solvent is volatile and the measurement takes > 8 hours, consider using airtight valved NMR tubes.

5.    Homogeneity
◦    Make sure your compound is dissolved
◦    Filter off any solid particles
◦    Shake the tube before submitting the sample

6.    Missing information on the sample submission slip
◦    Provide the skeletal formula of your compound
◦    Specify if your compound is sensitive and must be stored in the fridge

Thank you for your cooperation!